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Shri Anil Pimple

January 19, 2006

I was always a fan of Vinu’s father. He was not only knowledgeable but also knew how to transfer it in an unsofisticated manner. My experience with him when he taught machine design was elevating. Infact, looking back, i think there was something magical about his style of teaching. He explained things in such a way that one followed it in the first go. It was also the first time i felt that i was ‘learning’ something…u know…not by rote to be written in answer sheets and forgotten but to be understood…

Even during our project(B.E) the few discussions that we had with him were encouraging. He once remarked on the attitude of Mazumdar towards us…’there is a difference between
skill and thinking’ He said these words with so much feeling that they are now a part of my
unerasable memory.

Our BE project, even to this day, i feel, was way beyond any expectations. Thanx to him we could use the kinetic honda almost on a daily basis. I still remember carrying the rotary pump, almost stuffing it, in the space between the seat and the handle. I think we even broke the fibre in the process.

Many more things come to my mind…i wish could have spoken to him just one more time
in liesure…

Shri Anil Pimple, Vinu’s father, suffered a fatal heart attack on 15th Jan 2006. He retired as the deputy director of the board of technical education Pune, after serving in various academic positions a few years ago. He was an accomplished sitar player and always found time for riyaz. A legacy inherited by Vaishali, his elder daughter, who not only learnt the sitar but also composed a few tunes.

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