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Ignored! Even in Korea

October 6, 2009

On weekends i go to the Indian market buy frozen roti’s, indian snacks and such. Typically, i end the evening with dinner in a nearby Indian restaurant. There are many on way to my home. I chose one such restaurant and got in. The Indian waiter looked at me for a moment and then shifted his glance. Entering the restaurant just behind me were a western couple (both white with golden-brown hair). The waiter was all attention to them. Realising, i searched for a table lest he assign even the table to them. I found one but it was not clean; it had dishes with food left over from the previous customers. I requested it to be cleaned but the waiter was still all ears to the western couple. Just then another waiter (and possibly a cook too-he had the white cap that chefs wear) came by and offered to clean the table. He too was Indian and possibly was observing all of this from the kitchen (the kitchen as an open window which is used to pass the dishes to the waiter). He carried the expression of “i know what u must be going through”…i liked him instantly. Even thought of tipping him. But then other thoughts overpowered, “never seen anyone giving tips in Korea”. He cleaned the table…no table cloth no spoons. Nevertheless, I sat for a moment and then walked towards the tables where the food was arranged in large bowls. It was Buffet today. On weekends, its only Buffet…unlimited including dessert for 15000 won! I finished the starters (small samosas). It was then that the waiter thought i could be attended to. He got the table cloth (a sheet of paper) hinted with his eyes to me to lift my plate. He placed the sheet of paper, smiled and left. Even before i finished my starters the roti arrived on my table. I had no option but to get the curry and dal from the buffe table so that i could eat the roti before it got cold. The samosa’s can be had later.


June 26, 2009

This Indian restaurant is in the same lane as Otsal. Line 6, Anam, Exit 2/3. Its about 100 meters from Otsal. Second floor. The manager is Korean and some of the cooks too. But the food is North-Indian. They serve the usual vegetarian items available in all Indian restaurants in Seoul: mix-vegetable curry (this curry goes by different names), Dal (two versions) and some Paneer items. The curries are available in mild, medium, hot, very hot. I found even medium to be hot enough. Taste is good enough. They serve a plate of korean rice even if you do not ask for it.
The waiters are Korean women dressed up uniquely. Over their lehenga they sport layers of chain link waist belt which jingles as they walk around.

Raja Rani

May 15, 2009

Today we went in search of the kings tomb (uireung) near National University of Arts. By the time we reached there it was ~6.30 p.m.  The closing time is 6 p.m. as we discovered on reaching there. It appears to be located in a huge park. To spend time we walked along to Hankuk Univ of  foreign studies. There we took a break at starbucks located on the main road opposite the main gate of Hankuk Univ. The starbucks cashier told us that there was an indian restaurant near the next subway station Hoegi. We took the subway (very near to starbucks) to Hoegi. The restaurant is located near exit 1 (which is the kyonghee univ exit) after a few meters walk on the second floor.

Its recently opened-about 3 months old.

The looks are good but there was no one inside. We ordered for naan, mix vegetable curry and dal tadka-the 3 dishes i think are basic items where nothing should go wrong. I use them to compare between restaurants. And ofcourse vegetable pakoda.

The pakoda was good. The naans were more like parathas. The dal tasted ok but unlike anywhere else. The curry was basically carrot curry! The taste was so so.

I hope they improvise soon. However, for those who are looking for change this could be a try out.  Atleast the pakoda wouldn’t disappoint you.  They also serve non-veg with halal option.

Hoegi is on line 1. Raja Rani is the name of the indian restaurant.

Korean Vegetarian Restaurant

May 4, 2009

I finally discovered a Korean Restaurant which serves ONLY Vegetarian food. The name in english is simply, ‘vegetarian restaurant’. The Korean name can be pronounced as ‘Oh saygay hyang’. They have a buffe with nearly 60 dishes. A meal costs ~10000 won.
Line 5, Exit 1, Achasan station

A branch of this restaurant is in Insadong. Its in one of the by lanes as you walk along the main street. If you enter Insadong  from Anguk station  its in the one of the lanes on your left.  If you gaze inside the lane, you will see the board ‘Vegetarian Restaurant’ at the end of the lane.  They serve food here…its not buffe.

Both the restaurant serve delicious food.


April 24, 2009

This is another restaurant where we can get Indian food. Take Line 6, get down at Anam station, take the exit for college of science/science campus. Its in the lane perpendicular to the exit. Its on the second floor in a complex before the Olive Young shop but after Baskins and Robbins. The board with the name of the restaurant will not be visible unless you are at the entrance to the complex.
The ambience is more like a korean restaurant. The waiters are korean but understand english. Infact, to my surprise the Nepali guy, who was also serving, could not follow English.
There are 4 vegetarian dishes. I had Navratan curry. The taste was different and good. The Dal makhani was also different but not to my taste. Naan is also different in look and taste from other restaurants but good. My friend, who is a non-vegetarian, did like the Murgh Masala. Infact, he found the taste closer to the taste in Kerala(India)!

Apparently, the name Ostla is the name for Lakshmi the hindu goddess.


February 8, 2009

This restaurant is located in Jongak station (line 1) as you walk towards one of the exits (5 or 6). Its in the food court next to Bandi and Luni’s.
They have a sit out and a smaller sit in. Looks good. It has the usual list of Indian vegetarian dishes you would find in all other restaurants. However, the one time i went there things were a little bit too oily. Didn’t like the samosa either.
Hopefully that is an exception and they do serve less oily food on other days.
There is another NAMASTE restaurant in Dongmyo (Line 6/ Line 1) just outside Exit 2. Its on the second floor. This one looks even more impressive. The food was better than that i had in Jongak.


October 18, 2008

Within a month of my arrival here i was informed that a new restaurant serving indian vegetarian has opened nearby. Its on subway Line 6 at Korea Univ. station. Its within 50 meteres from Exit 6. Its on your left on the second floor.

There are a number of vegetarian curries, rice items and naan. And ofcourse, starters: vegetable samosa and pakoda. However, like most restaurants serving indian food this one too has an equally long list of non-vegetarian dishes.

My usual(i visit every weekend) order here is for mix-vegetable curry and butter naan, and ofcourse samosas.

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