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Its strange. I just thought about it yesterday!

June 6, 2012

dejavuThe other day i visited a temple and saw a swamiji (monk) distributing prasad. After distributing prasad for a while he walked to the shrine when i noticed him limp. His right leg had swollen abnormally; he had encephalitis.  Today i was reading up news and came across the news item that talked about the number of occurrences of encephalitis in Bihar.  This happens to me very often. I did not find exact word that can describe it but its something like Deja Vous. I was wondering if there is something special about it until i read this article on the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon. This article demystifies it by explaining clearly the reason behind it.  Brain is a pattern recognition engine and promotes the information that is repeated because that begins a sequence. For more read the article; it is an interesting read.

Here is another article about it. Apparently, a linguistic Prof. at Stanford, Arnold Zwicky, first termed this phenomenon as ‘frequency illusion’. Baader-Meinhof  was a west-German left wing militant group and has got nothing to the phenomenon per se. It’s strange of the wrong names catch on.

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