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Cunningham Road

August 3, 2012

I came across the name Alexander Cunnigham in the travelogue ‘Chasing the Monk’s Shadow’ by Mishi Saran. In this book the author, Mishi Saran writes about her travels to the places visited by the famous 7th century Chinese Buddhist monk Hsuan Tsang on his journey to India.  Mishi Saran referred to Cunningham’s report ‘ The Ancient Geography of India. Volume 1, Buddhist Period’ to know about the exact locations of Buddhist sites in India.

The name Cunningham raised my curiosity. There is a ‘Cunningham Road’ in Bangalore that i normally take to go towards Shivajinagar. Could he be the person after whom the road has been named? and why? So i google’d and came across fascinating information from Wikipedia. Alexander Cunningham is known as the father of  Archaelogical Survey of India! Francis Cunnigham, his brother, was a deputy to Sir Mark Cubbon who was the then chief commissioner at Bangalore. Apparently, Francis Cunningham lobbyed on behalf of the deposed Maharaja of Mysore arguing that he should be allowed to adopt and the kingdom be restored to him. It is possibly due to these efforts of his that the Cunningham road is named after him.


April 12, 2011

I was back from office and was visiting the campus (my alma matter). I was in my former lab when i got to know this inspiring incident. Ashish (name changed) suddenly entered the lab and we were both surprised and happy to see each other. When i asked if he or Aarti had plans of attending Shantanu’s marraige, he said that would depend on their children and whether they would be available. Ajay(name changed), his elder son, who is in KV (higher secondary school) has gone on a cycling trip. Not to any place nearby Bangalore but to far off Goa! (Goa is ~550 Kms) and that too all by himself. It was shockingly surprising but i should have expected. 5-6 years ago  i saw him going to Chennai by himself . Before returning to Bangalore he may go further south (like Kanyakumari!). I still cant believe it and will wait to meet him and get first hand info.
However, it has inspired me. The farthest i had gone (about 7 years ago) cycling was 30 kms. No major trips after that. The cycle broke beforea couple of years ago when  i left the country. I am back now…did some trekking but the enthusiasm was dropping…But after getting to know Ajay’s bold cycling decision i am recharged. I will buy a new cycle drive a few kilometers every weekend and eventually make a long intercity trip. Its also high time that i went on a trek. This Saturday i have a meeting but i will positively plan something new this Sunday.
It amazes me how a simple unplanned meeting has raised my spirits. I hope i find more such people who do different things. It will keep me going.

McDonalds and traditional food

February 27, 2011

I am a vegetarian. So my options in McDonalds (McD’s) within 50 rs are McVeggie or FrenchFries.  Now McVeggie is basically a burger which has a contains a wada and some vegetables sandwiched in between.  I like it as snack item in the evening. It costs 48 rs or if you want a layer of cheese 58 rs. Those are prices in Bangalore.  But those of us who live in and around Malleshwaram know of Asha Sweets (8th cross) which sells many other eatables in addition to sweets.  Its popular and always was ever since i remember. There is a restaurant cum darshini (self service) by name Food Camp on 10th cross. This restaurant, as i was told by someone, is also owned or run by Asha Sweets.  Food Camp is as popular as Asha Sweets. I always see it full of people. Well coming to the point i want to make; there are two options for meals/lunch in the darshini. Either of them costs 45-50 rs. I usually take the one which is called ‘mini-tiffin’ but is as good as lunch for me. This one costs 45 rs.  And it offers much more than one would imagine.  The mini-tiffin contains a mini-masala dosa,  4-6 mini-idlis, one chat item, one sweet item (typically one scoop kesari bath), one scoop upma, a bowl of vegetable pulav, raita and sambar. Now that’s a lot considering that in McDonalds all you would get is a burger (or as we know in maharashtra, wada pav).  The taste, quality and cleanliness of Food Camp is very good.  I wish they spread as much as McD’s.

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