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May 22, 2011

i bought the bsa cycle today. on the web i had read that mach 19 and mach 22 are the two bsa options. but when i called up RRcycle yeshwantpur he said they didn’t have those numbers. when the wrappers were removed from the frame i found only ‘mach’ written on the top bar of the frame and BSA on the inclined bar. the bicycle is in red and black shaded. the front half of the cycle is black and the read half is red. It has plastic mudguards shaped like wings. i am not sure if they will protect the mud from flying on to me. it has thin wheels-the racer type (the tyre print reads 27×1-1/4″. I got the handle bar changed. The original handle bar curved in and had a cushion all over the front. So one would have bend while driving. i wanted the gears fitted. i was told that i had to go for straight bars if i wanted gears. So now i have a straight bar with 6 speed shimano gears. the original seat looked to stiff and a little small. I got the it changed to a larger one with springs beneath it. Its a hercules seat. the cycle came with a standard bell and a cable lock. It cost me 5200 Rs everything included. Only i dont know what mach number it is!
After i came home i found on casual inspection that the BSA and MACH labels are not so transparent stickers. The BSA label in fact got damaged a little possible when the wrapper was being removed.
The ride home from cycle shop was cool. I am glad i finally own a bicycle. Bicycling is my only hope of getting some exercise.

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