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Bungee Jumping in Seoul

October 14, 2009

There are atleast two places in Korea where ‘Bungee Jumping’ can be done. One is 45m high and the other 65m. I recently did the 45m high Bungee Jump.  The jump tower has a beam coming out of it like a cantilever and  is located on a lake.

 They charge 25000 won. There will be a number of people already in queue so they would ask you to come back at a certain time. I had to come back after 2 hours. Once its your time, they give you a kind of fixture that covers your chest up to the knees. This fixture has an arrangement in the back where the bungee rope will attach to you when its your turn.  The lift takes you up to that altitude. From there you walk along an extended arm to the point from where you take the plunge. I was alright until it was my turn. When he attached the rope to my back and it dawned on me that this was my moment i felt a shiver in my calf! The instructor possibly noticed the fear on my face and asked me not to look down.  Instead he pointed to a house in the park at a far distance and asked me to leap into that house.  He started counting 5,4,3,2,1….i jumped.  The zero-gravity feeling is inexpressible…You go down and then up again and down and again up. Everytime the feeling (a knot in your stomach) is the same. I probably closed my eyes for a moment. I dont remember if i even breathed. Could not shout. (many scream, i wish i could)…After about a minute it was over. I was being lowered into a boat that was trying to position so that i land into it. After landing i hopelessly tried to stand. The instructor asked me to sit. A minute later i gained my balance and was thinking of doing it again. May be this time the fear will be less and i can actually enjoy the process!  I wonder which stage in the Darwinian evolution can describe this desire to face danger.

Its located in Yuldong-Park.
Yuldong Park can be reached by Taxi (3500 won) from Seohyeon station.
Seohyeon station is on Bundang Line. Line 3 from Seoul connects to the Bundang line at Suseo.

If you are going along with a friend you would want to space your jumps so that one can take photographs when the other is jumping.

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