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June 1, 2009

I was a fan of his in my school and college days up to my graduation.  After that i liked different actors but was never a fan of one.  In my school days, I used to wait for the summer to arrive so that i could grow hair and then get the AB hair cut. It was fashionable; atleast i thought so.

I knew that he had started a blog but never was motivated to read it. Probably out of indifference. But then thanx to my stay in Seoul, i have a lot of time and often look for ways to spend it. …a few days ago i clicked this link, probably a cross link from  And  i just couldn’t stop reading. He is an incredible writer. The flow of words is so natural and most importantly its conversation-like. Wonderful. 

His blogs are interspersed with gems like the one i read today…

“if you dream to fly with the Eagles dont waste your time swimming with the Ducks!”

and the other day he quoted Buddha:

“There is no way to happiness: happiness is the way”

His blogs make absolutely fascinating reading. I am a fan of his yet again.

Nisargadatta Maharaj

May 8, 2009

came to know from my sister that its Narasimha Jayanti. I googled for Narasimha Jayanti and this link put the date as 7th May. A day here and there is common. But just when i was about to leave the site i saw the link on Nisargadatta Maharaj. Books (written by others) on his sayings and conversations with visiting disciples are available for download here. I am not sure if its legal, though.
A must read for the questioning mind.

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