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Indian chai in seoul

July 5, 2009

Ever since i landed here i was looking for the indian chai. There are any number of tea’s served in Seoul. Most of them herbal. Meaning tasteless or sour or bitter, definitely not something an indian could like.
One day, i noticed that Starbucks had Chai Tea Latte. Tried it. Its basically  milk with the mild taste of cinnamon. The color is mildly brown giving a faint impression of the indian tea. It was ok but still a compromise.
They also serve Black Tea Latte. I had not tried it earlier because  ‘Black Tea’ was not familiar. No one i know calls Indian Tea as Black Tea. But then i got tired of Chai Tea Latte and gave it a try.
Lo and Behold! it has the taste and color of the Indian chai. It could be either Assam or Darjeeling Tea.
You can also find a simlar taste in other places available as English Breakfast Tea. The tea-bags are available in E-Mart.

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