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Rafi’s songs in the ‘Last Mughal’ by Darlymple

October 28, 2013

TheLastMughal  The Last Mughal by William Dalrymple is an empathetically written book about Bahadur Shah Zafar, Delhi and the 1857 mutiny.  In this wonderfully thorough book Dalrymple also mentions two popular poems attributed to Zafar. These were set to tune and used in the movie Lal Qila. (Darlymple mentions the movie  and also the singer Mohammad Rafi). I could not resist looking up tube for the songs and to my delight found them. Here are the youtube links:

1. Lagta Nahin Hai Dil Mera

2. Na Kisi Ki Ankh Ka Noor Hoon

Wonderful songs.  However, the spoiler comes from the experts! Apparently, there is not enough evidence to suggest that these were indeed written by Zafar.  The available book of poems by Zafar does not have these two.  One wonders why would it get into the public psyche that the poems were by Zafar if they were not by him.  After all he never did propaganda for his poems.  He died the death of a common man, unknown to anyone.

so much like lata mangeshkar

August 5, 2009

the following link has a telugu song by sadhna sargam. Its from ‘koncham ishtam koncham kashtam’.
In the mukhada sadhana sargam sounds so much like lataji that its difficult to believe its not.
however, soon one starts having doubts…the way lataji ends the lines, the ease of gamakam in the akaaram are unique.
nevertheless, when the song started the vocal had a refreshing effect. No wonder when lataji was asked to name the singers who held promise she took sadhana sargam’s name.

M.S. Subbalakshmi

May 11, 2009

Ofcourse, this is not a post about MSS. Those who know know. When searching for MS songs on the web i very often dont end up with the one i am interested in at that point of time. Hence this post. I will give links here to any website that features any of her songs in full length.

Ela Nee Daya Raadu

Yenthamatramuna Yevvaru Talachina

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