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Where is the singapore embassy in Seoul

February 8, 2010

Take Line 1 to Jongak station. Walk out of the exit (forgot the number) that points to Gwanghamun Post Office. Do not cross the road. About 100 meters from the exit you would find the Kyobo Building on your right across the road. Its a tall building and the ‘Kyobo’ board is only at the top, so you wouldn’t see it unless you look up. Do not cross the road. Take your left and you should see ‘Seoul Finance Center‘. The Singapore embassy is on the 28th floor.

The embassy is more like a stylish apartment. There were two lady personnel when i visited. No queue. Infact, there was no one else. Possibly because Koreans and US citizens do not need VISA to go to Singapore.

Indian do need VISA.  We should fill up form 14a and form3a. Both are available for download here. Form3a is basically a letter of introduction from someone who knows you in Singapore. One also is required to give a photocopy of that person’s Singapore Identity Card.  The Singapore VISA (for tourists) is given for 5 weeks (as i was told) and the time starts soon after you are given the VISA. Therefore its better to apply a few days before your  journey. One also has to give a copy of the CONFIRMED ticket.

I have to mention here how, more than an year ago, i went to Singapore without going through the VISA procedure.  I had 6-7 hours time available at the airport between flights. My friend’s office was 35-40 minutes away by train from the airport. When i enquired with the concerned authorities they looked at my passport and let me into Singapore. Apparently, if you have a valid US visa then you could be allowed in Singapore. I later found that i was given a 3 day permit!

When i checked this with the embassy in Seoul, i was told that such permits are given on a person to person basis;  i.e. its not common.

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