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McDonalds and traditional food

February 27, 2011

I am a vegetarian. So my options in McDonalds (McD’s) within 50 rs are McVeggie or FrenchFries.  Now McVeggie is basically a burger which has a contains a wada and some vegetables sandwiched in between.  I like it as snack item in the evening. It costs 48 rs or if you want a layer of cheese 58 rs. Those are prices in Bangalore.  But those of us who live in and around Malleshwaram know of Asha Sweets (8th cross) which sells many other eatables in addition to sweets.  Its popular and always was ever since i remember. There is a restaurant cum darshini (self service) by name Food Camp on 10th cross. This restaurant, as i was told by someone, is also owned or run by Asha Sweets.  Food Camp is as popular as Asha Sweets. I always see it full of people. Well coming to the point i want to make; there are two options for meals/lunch in the darshini. Either of them costs 45-50 rs. I usually take the one which is called ‘mini-tiffin’ but is as good as lunch for me. This one costs 45 rs.  And it offers much more than one would imagine.  The mini-tiffin contains a mini-masala dosa,  4-6 mini-idlis, one chat item, one sweet item (typically one scoop kesari bath), one scoop upma, a bowl of vegetable pulav, raita and sambar. Now that’s a lot considering that in McDonalds all you would get is a burger (or as we know in maharashtra, wada pav).  The taste, quality and cleanliness of Food Camp is very good.  I wish they spread as much as McD’s.

Korean Vegetarian Restaurant

May 4, 2009

I finally discovered a Korean Restaurant which serves ONLY Vegetarian food. The name in english is simply, ‘vegetarian restaurant’. The Korean name can be pronounced as ‘Oh saygay hyang’. They have a buffe with nearly 60 dishes. A meal costs ~10000 won.
Line 5, Exit 1, Achasan station

A branch of this restaurant is in Insadong. Its in one of the by lanes as you walk along the main street. If you enter Insadong  from Anguk station  its in the one of the lanes on your left.  If you gaze inside the lane, you will see the board ‘Vegetarian Restaurant’ at the end of the lane.  They serve food here…its not buffe.

Both the restaurant serve delicious food.

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